Trying to Restore Honor in Glenn Beck

(Subtitle: but failing)?

Glenn Beck decided to throw a big rally at the Mall in Washington D.C., his rally coincided with the 47th anniversary of MLK Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. (Personal aside: Honestly if you thought it was okay for him to do this then I cannot see how you can also claim the mosque in Manhattan is wrong. I think both are/were insensitive but legal nonetheless.) Beck said this rally was not political in nature (though he originally planned it to be). Here is my take on this rally:

Glenn Beck can put on a great show/rally. But he cannot keep a consist message, are we advancing or are returning to the founding fathers, he promoted both. Beck paraded many different people up on the “stage” all of them were spouting unity. However his unity is not a real unity for America as a whole since he had those professing Christ up on the stage. Hey Beck what about the Hindu or Muslim or Atheist or other Americans how are they united in this restoration (he did make one or two small remarks but for the most part it was obviously missing). Oh yeah, isn’t Beck a member of LDS (better known as Mormon). I believe this rally was put on so Beck could point back to this event and say, “See I am a Christian and I call for unity, not divisiveness.” However Beck also calls for us to put or faith, hope, and charity in America and not in God. I seem to recall Jesus preaching the Kingdom of God (Heaven in Matthew) and Jesus made it clear this was not an earthly kingdom such as an America. This is why it is not a good idea to get spiritual/religious guidance from and uneducated man (Beck did not finish a college course or receive any Biblical training). Yet Beck continues to try to teach us what it means to be an American (despite not taking a college level History class) and how to be a Christian (despite being a LDS member and not having any training in the matter). It scares me more that people look to him for advice on these matters. I implore you to reconsider taking Beck at his word and do some research yourself, if you follow him.

While Beck and those who spoke did not make any implicit political statements, many were there in the under tones, especially Palin’s speech. It is obvious from how Beck spoke and how ideas were presented, there was a deep under tone of political ideas and thoughts, the current (and I would say they meant Democrat) politicians are not honorable. Of course none of this was actually said but I think everyone knows this was implied. One only needs to read the comments of those who attended, they got political messages out the rally.

So Glenn Beck tried to restore honor in America, good try Beck, but we need to restore honor in our faith in Christ and live it out as Christ preached. Christ preached the Kingdom of God and not the Kingdom of Israel, Rome, or America. I am sure most of the people Beck had at the rally meant well, but I think Christians in America have gotten off track on what it means to be a Christ follower. Jesus did not come to America (unless you are LDS, as is Beck) and has made no promises to America as a country. Christianity is not own or controlled by Americans, it is a worldwide belief and faith (not a religion though that is how it is practiced). Also it is impossible for America to be a Christian nation, as nations cannot be Christian only people can be.