When Enough is Enough, Airport Security

The following is an email I sent to the TSA asking for common sense to be used…

I have not flown under the new security measures but have heard quite a deal about them in the news. At what point will the TSA say enough is enough for checking individuals. The first goal of terrorism is to incite terror. It seems the TSA has become terrified, thus the terrorist have been successful. While I agree I would like to be safe while traveling, I would also like to be respected as an individual. I realize for years I have let certain rights protected by the fourth amendment go, by allowing my bags to be checked, but at what point do we say enough is enough. I would say, and many others it would seem say, that the full body scans and pat downs (read gropings) is a point too far. Not only do these go well beyond the previous measures, they greatly increase the wait at the airport according to several reports. I, again, repeat the goal of terrorism is to incite terror, putting people through the hassle of the new airport security measures only shows that the terrorist are succeeding in their goals. When we give up our rights, we have admitted we are scared (read terrified) and are only furthering the terrorists’ beliefs that they are accomplishing their mission. I ask that common sense be employed and that these new security measures that go well beyond a reasonable invasion of privacy be stopped. When we lose our guaranteed freedoms we become one step closer to becoming more like the ones we are trying to stop. I appreciate the TSA’s concern for our safety while traveling but at some point enough is enough and I believe the TSA has passed this point.

… I think if people write rational and well thought complaints to TSA (which I hope mine is), then I think the TSA will have to at least discuss alternatives to their current measures. Boycotting plane travel only works to a certain point, because really the boycott effects the airlines and not the TSA, first and foremost. Also, people traveling internationally are much more limited in their options as boat takes much more time than flying, compared to driving versus flying continentally. I think cooler heads and rational discussion will bring better results than yelling arguing. Trust me, I do not like the idea of having to go through these measures, as I will be flying next year potentially on three different trips and would like to avoid having to choose between a body scan or pat down. If the measures are still in place I will voice that I believe this measures are beyond reasonable but comply (as I will have no other choice if I plan to complete my trips). I suggest that if you agree that the new measures are beyond reasonable that you contact the TSA (https://contact.tsa.dhs.gov/DynaForm.aspx?FormID=10) and let them know in a rational way. (Feel free to use my response if you wish, however I think it will make a bigger impact if each email is worded differently.)