Summer 2010

Here are the Books I read during the Summer of 2010.

  1. The Bride Collector – Dekker read beginning of May
  2. Lunatic – Dekker and Hill read beginning of May
  3. Eylon – Dekker and Hill read beginning of May
  4. Immanuel’s Veins – Dekker read June 3 and 4
  5. Jesus Manifesto – Sweet and Viola (Blogger Review for Thomas Nelson) read June 5
  6. Demon – Lee (To prepare for her and Dekker’s Forbidden) finished June 8
  7. Brisingr – Paolini (read the first two might as well keep going) finished June 11
  8. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years – Miller (liked his other books) finished June 13
  9. She Who Watches – Rushford and Harrison (read the first three in the series) finished week of June 13th
  10. The Kingdom Life – edited by Andrews (review for NavPress) finished June 28
  11. The Road – McCarthy finished June 29
  12. The Witness – McDowell (Tyndale Blogger Review) finished June 30
  13. The Strain – del Toro and Hogan (liked Pan’s Labyrinth) finished July 5
  14. Tea with Hezbollah – Dekker (Dekker, need I say more) finished July 11
  15. The Jesus You Can’t Ignore – MacArthur (reviewing for Thomas Nelson) finished July 19
  16. Chasing Francis – Cron (NavPress review) finished July 23
  17. Saint Francis – West (Thomas Nelson review) finished August 4

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