1980 – Ordinary People won the award. This was a quite moving film. I thought the tough nature of the subject made this a great film. The Elephant Man was a strange film as are all David Lynch films and I recommend seeing it.

1981 – Chariots of Fire won the award. This is also a moving film. Although wouldn’t have been fun if Raiders of the Lost Ark won.

1982 – Gandhi won the award. It seems the Academy was on an emotional kick, three in a row.

1983 – Terms of Endearment won the award. This movie was funny but it seemed more like a lifetime movie than an Academy Award winner.

1984 – Amadeus won the award. This like Tom Jones is a strange winner, in randomness.

1985 – Out of Africa won the award. This was an upsetting film. Nothing seemed to progress as you wanted it too.

1986 – Platoon won the award. Who doesn’t like an antiwar movie. Though I really enjoy The MIssion.

1987 – The Last Emperor won the award. I am not sure of my thoughts on this film, it was a lot different than I was expecting.

1988 – Rain Man won the award. Dustin Hoffman again does and outstanding job in this film. And how could we live if a Tom Cruise film never won the award.

1989 – Driving Miss Daisy won the award. Morgan Freeman is outstanding and I quite enjoyed this film.

The Decade overall – Again I have not seen many of the other nominated films. It seems that the Academy was broadening their horizons and picking different genres.

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