1970 – Patton won the award. This was an interesting film. I thought it dragged in a few parts.

1971 – The French Connection won the award. I like this crime film.

1972 – The Godfather won the award. I enjoyed this film.

1973 – The Sting won the award. This does not make up for Butch Cassidy… not winning but was an enjoyable film. It would have been interesting though if The Exorcist won as no true horror film has won.

1974 – The Godfather Part II won the award. I would have really enjoyed this film if they did not include the back story, as it did not fit, more like two separate films. The back story would have made a lot more sense with the first film, the rise of Vito and Michael.

1975 – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest won the award. I though Jack Nicholson did a great job in this film and enjoyed it.

1976 – Rocky won the award. This of course is a classic film. Adraaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.

1977 – Annie Hall won the award. This is a typical Woody Allen film. I probably would pick Star Wars over Annie Hall though.

1978 – The Deer Hunter won the award. This was a strange film. I could not figure out where this film was going.

1979 – Kramer vs. Kramer won the award. Dustin Hoffman is outstanding in this film.

The Decade overall – I apparently have not seen many 1970’s films as most years I had only seen the winner, hence the lack of comments.

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