1950 – All About Eve won the award. I really liked this film but I also really liked Sunset Boulevard. Both of these are really good and I am not sure I can place one over the other.

1951- An American in Paris won the award. This movie was decent but a little long in my opinion. This is a musical that Gene Kelly dances through.

1952 – The Greatest Show on Earth won the award. This movie was an over the top production, think Avatar, except a circus instead of a planet. James Cameron probably got the pacing of Avatar from this film. Little bit of plot, watch this, little more plot, watch this, etc, concluding with a severely underdeveloped plot but stunning visual. James Stewart’s character was greatly underdeveloped which only made the movie all the more disappointing. High Noon was a much better movie and I highly recommend it over The Greatest Show on Earth.

1953 – From Here to Eternity won the award. This movie was decent, Roman Holiday or Shane are better in my opinion. I thought From Here to Eternity had too much dead space.

1954 – On the Waterfront won the award. This was also a decent film. Marlon Brando does a great job in this film.

1955 – Marty won the award. This movie was mostly depressing and I had a hard time liking it because of its depressing mood.

1956 – Around the World in 80 Days won the award. This was a fun movie. I am glad that it won over The Ten Commandments, I have the same thoughts about it as I do The Greatest Show of Earth, both DeMille films.

1957 – The Bridge on the River Kwai won the award. Despite being quite long I really enjoyed this film. I think the movie is an interesting study in what is the right thing to do. I also really enjoyed 12 Angry Men.

1958 – Gigi won the award. This movie is a little disturbing since Gigi is quite young and the man is quite older. I did not really like this movie, it did not help that it was also a musical.

1959- Ben-Hur won the award. This movie was decent. It was made like a DeMille film but was more coherent.

The Decade overall – I found this decade to be the best thus far. I would not have picked all of these films to win but most I can see why they won.

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