1940 – Rebecca won the award. I really liked Rebecca directed by Hitchcock, although I like Psycho and North by Northwest better by Hitchcock. While I liked this movie, looking over the other nominated movies I like Philadelphia Story better, ranks as my first or second favorite movie, I have not seen any of the other nominated films of 1940. Rebecca has that classic Hitchcock style, it is dramatic and yet suspenseful. However, Philadelphia Story keeps me laughing the entire time and Cary Grant and James Stewart are outstanding.

1941- How Green was My Valley (HGMV) won the award. This film was good but again I found other films nominated to better. Citizen Kane (CK) I think definitely should have won, as I think many movie lovers also think. HGMV was an average movie, I was interested in how everyone’s life would play out but I was inspired or felt I was watching a great film. CK is visually stunning, I love the story and the breakthroughs it brought. I also like Maltese Falcon from that year as well. I want to see Suspicion so I can compare it.

1942 – Mrs. Miniver won the award. This is the only film I have seen that was nominated, but I really enjoyed this film and think it was deserving based on how good it was. I liked how it made you think. It is a war film but about those left at home. I particularly like the scene when a German pilot comes to her home (she is British). Even though I have not seen any of the other films from 42, I think this movie was made well enough to have won.

1943- Casablanca won the award. Who does not like this film? This movie is an instant classic and has so many memorable lines, I can even remember a few and I am horrible at remember lines from movies. I have not seen any other the other nominated films but have a hard time thinking any of them could be better.

1944 – Going My Way won the award. I did not hate nor like this movie, I found it rather average. I have also seen Double Indemnity and think the same of it. My guess is this was a down year, probably because of the war.

1945 – The Lost Weekend won the award. I think this movie was a lost weekend. I really did not like this movie, I did not think it went anywhere nor did I care about the characters. The only other movie I have seen, that was nominated, is Spellbound and it was average, between the two I pick Spellbound.

1946 – The Best Years of Our Lives won the award. I can see how this film was good in its time, about soldiers returning home from the war. I liked the film but it was not anything special. I probably would put It’s a Wonderful Life ahead of it.

1947 – Gentlemen’s Agreement won the award. I think this film won for its social commentary about anti-Semitism. This was a good film, I have not seen any of the other nominees though. I think it was made well enough to win, Gregory Peck does a great job.

1948 – Hamlet won the award. While Olivier does a great job as Hamlet, this film was boring. This film was more of a play than a film. I do not think Olivier makes the necessary steps to make this a successful film. From what I remember, I like The Treasure of the Sierra Madre better.

1949 – All the King’s Men won the award. I had seen the remake, with Sean Penn, before I had seen this film. I liked the remake better than this one.

The Decade overall – I found this to be a weak decade, at least of the winners. Only Casablanca is a hands down winner. Mrs. Miniver and Gentlemen’s Agreement were good. With two years of what I thought the wrong movie winning a few years with no real outstanding films bring this decade down. However, there was a major war so I guess that can excuse so of the mid-40’s.

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