1927, 28 (as listed) – Wings won the first award (known as Outstanding Picture, Production). This was a good silent movie, the only silent movie to win the award. Also during this ceremony there was a category known as Unique and Artistic Production which Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans won. Sunrise was also a great movie and silent. After this first ceremony this second award was done away with. I recommend you watch both movies. I also plan to watch Seventh Heaven which most of the other awards and was nominated for Production. (Interesting note Wings has not been released on DVD in region 1, the US, so I had to borrow a VCR to watch it.)

1928, 29 – The Broadway Melody won the award (known as Outstanding Picture). I liked this movie. I was not spectacular but was good.

1929, 30 – All Quiet on the Western Front won the award (now known as Best Picture). I liked this movie. It was not what I would call a great movie but it was interesting and held my attention. I have not seen any of the other nominated movies.

1930, 31 – Cimarron won the award. This movie was quite long in my opinion and the characters did not act rationally. Not a favorite.

1931, 32 – Grand Hotel won the award. I found this movie to be so-so. I liked Shanghai Express better.

1932, 33 – Cavalcade won the award. This movie was a little like Forrest Gump, the characters are involved the big events of the times. However, unlike Forrest Gump I noticed the movie was episodic, and did not think it all came together well. Also I could not for the life figure why it was named Cavalcade. (Interesting note this movie has not been released on DVD in region 1, the US, so I had to borrow a VCR to watch it.)

1934 (as now listed) – It Happened One Night won the award. I enjoyed this comedy of two people who cannot get away from one another.

1935 – Mutiny on the Bounty won the award. This movie was so-so. I liked Ruggles of Red Gap better.

1936 – The Great Ziegfeld won the award. I do not really like this movie as it seems to have won because it had huge musical numbers that had nothing to do with the plot. I also think it ripped off Broadway Melody a little bit, one plot line, as there where many, as quite similar.

1937 – The Life Emile Zola won the award. I did not like this film. I did not care for the main character Emile Zola.

1938 – You Can’t Take It with You won the award. This movie was up and down. I liked the beginning and ending of the film but struggled a little through the middle.

1939 – Gone with the Wind won the award. I do not like this film, I find it too long and I do not care about the characters. I prefer The Wizard of Oz, Stagecoach, and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington better. I would think this was a really hard year to choose.

The first awards 28 and 29 were decent I really like the films that won in 28. The 1930’s overall where not that great in my opinion. I liked the beginning of the decade and the end though I disagree with the winner in 39. Maybe it was the depression that created this lack in quality or maybe audiences/voters just liked a different type of film.

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