7 Minute Life products

I received The 7 Minute Difference and The 7 Minute Life daily planner from TeamBuzzPlant. This would not be material that I would buy for myself. I only flipped through the book. The book looked like it would be a good book for someone who needed motivation and ideas for how to better organize their live. I would never personally read a book of this sort so it hard judge whether this book is any better or worse than other ones out there. The planner is the new addition. Besides being a standard planner it includes places for additional information. I do not use planners and never really used this one. I forget to refer back to any planner I use and this one was no different. I do not see this planner changing your usage of a planner, unless of course you decide to make the change. However, this planner does seem to have great resources for those who do use planners. I highly believe this planner would be useful for those in business who like and regularly use planners. The spaces for daily contacts and things unfinished tasks seem useful in a business setting. Again it is hard for me to judge seeing I have a hard time keeping a planner. So, if you like reading life organizing books and using planners, I recommend trying out these products, if you do not and are not motivated to use a planner then look elsewhere.

If you would like more info check out the website www.the7minutelifesystem.com.



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