Galapagos: Snorkeling off Isabella (end of Day 2)

We had two options for our second afternoon, we could snorkel or walk where Darwin walked but only see the same animals as we had previously seen. I elected to snorkel and got to see several sea turtles, sea stars, fish (including a puffer fish), and some sea urchins. 

a Puffer fish

a "chocolate chip" Starfish

Following the snorkel we took a dingy ride around the island to see wildlife in action along the rocky edge of the island. Then we returned to the boat to relax for the rest of the day. I am still feeling well (I was ill the day before).

This is a pic of our boat while we were on the dingy

Penguins, the only place to see them North of the Equator (though I think we where south of it at the time)

Flightless Cormorant

One of the first Blue-footed Boobies we saw

As you can see the wildlife is friendly with each other

a Blue Heron posing for us

During our briefing for the next day my cabin was selected to eat with the captain. Six people can dine with the captain each night and so each cabin is selected for certain nights. But before dinner and after the briefing we went up top to look for whales, orcas, and dolphins. We did get to see one or two whales slightly (no pics though). Last week the group saw a pod of orcas.

Then the call came for dinner. However, Shelby felt bad and had to miss the dinner. The Captain told us about a great story concerning his time in the Ecuadorian Navy. He found a boat not moving on his radar screen in the Galapagos. He drove up the ship and after some work he got a hold of the captain. He found out that they had been illegally fishing for Tuna and were from Columbia. The fishing vessel was rather large and could not be handle at San Cristabol. So he had to accompany the boat all the way to the mainland. Later on he found out that boat not only had 700 tons of Tuna but also 400 kilos of cocaine and heroin. Needless to say he got a promotion for the bust. After dinner I went up on the “Sun” deck to see the stars and then came down to write this (I wrote an entry for each day this entry is only half of the day as is obvious).

For our first day in the Islands and the morning portion see Shelby’s blog (link on the side). I will also mostly likely post my thoughts on the first day and this morning later (Shelby decided to have these posted differently than I was thinking and she had more time and so she won by doing when I could not.)


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