Clive Staples Lewis

C. S. Lewis is tenth (and final) on the list.In modern thought no one stands out like C. S. Lewis in my mind. I cannot think of any other person who could write an enduring, gospel filled children series and write a mind blowing (in many ways) book, Mere Christianity. While he is viewed mostly favorably today I think his place in history is still up in the air. I am hoping he over many others represents this era.


One Response to Clive Staples Lewis

  1. I very much agree. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will be added to the canon on account of his not fitting in any of the established molds. He does not fit in with the supposed literary movements of the 20th Century which include T.S. Eliott, Faulkner, Hemingway, etc., so neither he nor Tolkien (for that matter) will probably ever be required reading in college. It’s sad, in a way, because Lewis will probably only be the prerogative of a few; but happy, in another way, because then fewer academics will spend great amounts of time misunderstanding him and interpreting all the C.S. Lewis out of C.S. Lewis.

    Like Lewis himself said, the difference between dates and periods is that dates are facts, whereas periods are (often arbitrary and useless) divisions which men establish in order to be able to think about history.

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