St. Paul

The First Christian (starting on the left) is St. Paul, aka the Apostle Paul aka Saul of Tarsus.

Paul is arguably the the first full time Christian apologetic. Paul as most of us know, traveled throughout Asia Minor just a few decades after Jesus’ death, teaching and then defending the Christian faith. Paul in his own words was an elite Pharisee and very religious. However, his knowledge of rules were lacking in faith. Paul had been zealous but mostly for the rules and not for his personal faith in God. His encounter with Christ began a turn around for him.

For more on Paul read Acts 7 (Stephen’s apology [defense]) and see how Saul became Paul. I also suggest Galatians and Philippians to gain more background information on him from a Biblical perspective.

Paul, writing more Biblical letters than any other author (even if you have doubts about his authorship of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus), defends the faith against Greek/Roman and Jewish perversions. While both eventually do influence the Christian faith, Paul’s letters make it clear that there were problems from the very beginning of Christianity. Paul calls on Christians to unite and hold fast to their faith in Christ and to not let anyone persuade you away.

These are the primary reasons I went with Paul. So remember hold fast to the your faith in Christ and do not let anyone pull you away.


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