What Matters More, a review of Stockholm Syndrome

Webb seems to center all the songs on this album around this question, What matters more? What Matters More happens to be the song that Webb and his record company drew their lines in the dirt. Webb as a Christian artist is expected to follow certain rules with his Christian record company. Webb decided to push those rules. On What Matters More, Webb uses two curse words, a no no in the Christian circle. However, if one listens to the song and pays attention to how and why he uses them, one finds he has a great point. Many have argued well couldn’t have made the point without cursing, maybe but for the best effectiveness and conviction the words are necessary. (You can download What Matters More from his website, the only place it is available from unless you have vinyl record player, you can order the vinyl which includes the song.)

I also particularly liked the song The Spirit vs. the Kick Drum. This song is simple yet provoking song, Webb juxtaposes the three Persons of the Trinity with something else he/we would prefer over them. The State is a song about how Christians have tended to become more dependent on The State (their nation) than on what we are commanded to do as Christians, in fact “I can even do the things that should offend me.”

This album could be a turn off to some Derek Webb fans, not because of his lyrics but because he decided to experiment with his sound, foregoing the acoustic for a more electronic sampling. I personally really liked this new sound and hopes he continues to use it. I believe this album is very deep lyrical and hope Webb continues pushing the envelope and challenging his listeners to determine what matters more.


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