A Dumb Question by Glenn Beck

I happened to watch Glenn Beck’s show yesterday (14 July 2010), something I do from time to time to see what conspir… point he is making. Today he was interviewing Stephen Broden, a pastor and a candidate in Texas (who also happens to be African American) and he asks Groden, “You are either with the radicals and Saul Alinsky and the collective redemption, or you’re with the Founders and their understanding of human, individual rights, right?” I thought preachers were suppose to preach from the Bible and follow Christ, when did my choices only become to follow regular people. If I could choose then I would definitely choose to follow the Founding Fahers, especially Thomas Jefferson, I can edit the Bible, sounds great to me. Oh wait, I think God may have a problem with that, so Mr. Beck are you sure these are my only options?

Pastor Broden responds by saying this, “When you talk about the Founders, you cannot detach them from the Judeo-Christian ethic that under-girds everything that has made America great. And when you say Judeo-Christian ethic, you’re talking about the Bible.” This sounds great but then there was Jefferson, editing his Bible, and Franklin, who was not a Christian, so how exactly do they fit in? Principles and ideas are one thing, having a saving faith is a whole another. The Founder Fathers agreed that the morals of the Bible were good and based part of the founding of this country on those (also based a lot on Greek philosophy), but this does not equal that they all had faith. My father, who is not a Christian, like wise finds the Judeo-Christian ethics to be mostly good as well.

Then Mr. Beck shows the hypocrite that he is. It is ok for him to tell preachers what to preach or congregants what to listen to from the pulpit despite his being a political commentator however, he says, “But I’m not talking about — talking about who to vote for. If I hear a preacher say to me, ‘You’ve got to vote for the Republicans. You’ve got to vote for the Democrats,’ I’m done.” So let me get this straight, You, Mr. Beck, can tell me what to preach and how to vote but I can not preach to you how to vote (I would never do that but that is not the point). Thankfully Pastor Broden catches this (sort of) and tries to call out Mr. Beck on this but Mr. Beck holds his ground.

Based on Mr. Beck’s poor research on this matter and on Black Theology, which I read about trying to find the transcript for this episode, I would be cautious of following his political history. However, do as you will with his political commentary, but please do not trust his theology, from everything I have read he misrepresents/misunderstands most of it.

Another interesting note, Mr. Beck has backtracked on his social justice triad. On this episode Mr. Beck says, “And social justice can be blurry, because social justice, if you understand it as God saying, ‘Hey, you’ve got to help serve,’ that’s OK. But social justice the way it’s intended by Rev. Wallis, et cetera, et cetera, is not. It is, give that power to the government and they will redistribute and they will provide collective salvation, right?” Again I am pretty sure he misunderstands Rev. Wallis’ point again but he at least has had to backtrack finally.

I got all of the quotes from http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,596802,00.html. Please feel free to review the material for yourself to see if I am properly representing Mr. Beck and Pastor Broden. The video is also available at the address.


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