The Road, a review

The Road by McCarthy is a book of travel. The man and his boy live in a post-apocalyptic world. This book details their travels with a few instances of flashbacks.

This a very interesting read, since there are no chapters or quotations, though there is speech. The book functioned as a splice of life story, think Napoleon Dynamite or Fried Green Tomatoes (the movies). I liked not knowing where the story was going or if I was still in the current story or a flashback. Warning if you like straightforward, linear storyteller this may not be a book for you.


****This is no nice and neat ending, again splice of life story. However there is a sort of conclusion, at least for one character, if you catch my drift.****

I did not receive this book for review, nor was I asked to review this book. This review was of my own undertaking.


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