Demon: A Memoir, a review

Tosca Lee writes this story about a man, Clay, who meets a Demon, Lucian. In this encounter Clay learns about the fall of the angels and how they fall. Clay is an editor, and recent divorcee. Lucian wants Clay to publish his story. However we find this story may actually be more about Clay than Lucian.

This read was strange for me as I wanted to keep reading but did not feel engaged in the book. I do not read many first person books, but have now read two in two weeks, so maybe that was the problem. Not sure. I recommend the book but something was off. I did not find any problems with the theology, as it dwells in the theoretical, unclear portion of how angles fell and what it means to be a fallen angel. Overall 4 out 5 stars.

I purchased and wrote this review of my undertaking, I was not asked for this review nor given this book for review.


2 Responses to Demon: A Memoir, a review

  1. looks good. i love my wordpress

  2. Preston Cain says:

    I read this book myself recently and rather liked it! Tosca Lee is a great writer and Demon is a great read! Check out my thoughts at

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