The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker, a review

The Bride CollectorQuinton Gauld is brilliant, in fact he has unlocked a truth, Since God is infinite, therefore His Love is infinite, then each and every person can be God’s Favorite. Sounds great. How does Quinton apply this logic to real life, simple, he is finding the seven of the most beautiful women and returning them to God as brides. What’s wrong with killing someone to return them to God?
Brad Raines is the FBI agent in charge of the investigation to catch the Bride Collector, Quinton Gauld. But along the way he must discover the meaning of beauty and love. What does it mean to be beautiful and who can be beautiful?
The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker is a thriller, but more importantly explores the meaning of beauty, true beauty. While the actual plot is not overtly complex, but does have a few good twists, it is this exploration of beauty that will captivate the reader. One might guess the ending of the story but it is the process of getting to the ending, the discovery the characters make throughout the story that make this a must read. Four and a half out of five stars, half star deduction for the predictably, though the twists do put in some doubt.
This review was written of my own choosing, I did not receive this book for a review as I have for some other books I have reviewed.

One Response to The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker, a review

  1. Preston Cain says:

    Great review! I loved this book! I just finished a review for The Bride Collector on my blog check it out! Its another amazing Dekker book for sure!

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