A Metaphor to Think About

So there is a bus that is in disrepair but runs and is the needed and only source of transportation for 100 people each day. Unfortunately this 100 seat bus is in such a condition that only 5 people can ride every day. Now people have been calling for the bus to be repaired for years but the bus is owned by two companies, A and B, who disagree with one another and this has hindered any repairs to be made. Now company A has decided repairs must be made. They fight tooth and nail to get repairs done. Their repairs will allow 68 people to ride the bus, but these repairs could increase the cost to 6 of the people who ride the bus, 4 of the 6 are loyal to company B. Also some of the changes to the bus would be disagreeable to 20 of 68 people, 17 of which are loyal company B. Should these companies wait until they can agree, meaning it could be several more years before any repairs are made to the bus and in fact the bus could become even more in disrepair between then and now or should the company A push through these repairs?

Please comment with your reason for siding with the company A or B.

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