More Replay in Baseball? (A Twenty-Four Year Old’s Perspective)

After the Angels and Yankees game (20 Oct 2009) many have now called for more instant replay in baseball to get the call correct. However what these people fail to realize, is this will end the time honor tradition of the coach going out on the field to yell at the umpire, which in turn increases fan participation. The crowd was much more involve after the blown calls and helped temporarily rally the Angels. Instant replay will erase these coaching tantrums (for the most part). Think about some the best moments in baseball’s history and tell me Billy Martin kicking dirt on the ump is not a favorite, or that crazy minor league coach who used the chalk bag as a grenade while he crawled along the field. While these scenes may cause embarrassment they also make baseball, well, baseball. While I agree replays would not add much if any more length to the game, they will take away the spirit of the crowd. Instead of giving the crowd something to jaw about, the replays will slow down the feeling of the game though not actually adding any time. Maybe I am crazy, but I hope for a coach umpire confrontation in the game because it adds in the extra drama and excitement. So please do not add more replay, the human error adds to the excitement and drama that is baseball.


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