Green by Ted Dekker, my review

The story of Thomas (of) Hunter continues on in Green by Ted Dekker. If you have read the original Circle Trilogy (Black, Red, and White) then this story is the next chapter of the saga. Thomas in the parallel world is living a peaceful life but a challenger to his reign and ideals rises up and challenges not only him but all those washed in the lake. Meanwhile back in a distance future world from our own, Billy is on a mission to find Thomas’ blood using is special ability to get it. Little does Billy or Thomas realize but both of their worlds are going to collide to complete the circle or destroy it.

The only two possible negatives of this book are one the author (Ted Dekker) believes anyone can pick this book first before reading the trilogy or any of the previous related stories and second the story is similar to the trilogy. I personally think this book would be extremely confusing for any one unfamiliar with any of the previous books. Beside these two aspects this book is just as enthralling and engaging as the original trilogy and easily rates as one of Dekker’s best fantasy novels.

Read the first chapters here:


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