Church Music by DC*B, my review

Church MusicAfter releasing a more simple yet power album (Remedy), The David Crowder*Band has gone back to reinventing their sound and the sound of church music. The album has 17 tracks and you would be hard-pressed to find one that should be cut. The album is meant to be played straight through in one listen and my recommended listening, no seriously if you can sit down and listen to the whole album at once and in order, especially for your first listen. The songs flow one into another for 72,3 minutes of pure rock, dance, and worship. The album opens with Phos Hilaron an ancient Christian hymn dating to the fourth century. The music progresses from there picking up more and more of a dance beat until the two covers, All Around Me (by Flyleaf) and How He Loves (by Mark McMilan) slow the pace (a needed break), however the album picks right back up until the dance beat comes front in center on Church Music – Dance [!]. The album then moves back towards the rock/eletronic style you may be use to from the DC*B. Songs to pay particular attention to: Eastern Hymn; The Veil; Shadows; Oh, Happiness; Phos Hilaron; How He Loves. 5 out of 5, currently fighting A Collision for my favorite DC*B album. Please add your thoughts in the comments section.


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