Self Righteousness Part Four: Tolerance

Tolerance, or more, lack of tolerance. Again this idea deals with attitude but I feel it needs to be singled out. We tend to be offended when people are not tolerate of our beliefs but when was the last time we were happy about others’ beliefs being tolerated, Muslims for example. Tolerance is a two way street if you want your views tolerated then you must tolerate everyone else’s. This is a tricky idea though because we have to be tolerant without necessarily equating it with support. This has been completely muddied in recent times. Today people seem to make tolerance equal to support. If you do not support this cause then you are not tolerant. This should not be the case. Would it be wrong for me (completely for example and discussion sake) for me to tolerate the homosexual movement? This has been a struggle for me to understand what my role should be. I am against their cause but does this mean I should protest their rallies? I think that I am called to voice my disapproval but not to protest their rallies because I need to love them as Christ loves me.


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