Self Righteousness Part Three: Hatred

Hatred, when attitude gets out of control this is the next step. I believe this actually does not effect us all, at least not consistently. However I am afraid many of us sit on the border of the line. Ask yourself what is your honest feeling about people who are homosexual or believe abortion is a viable option. Does your attitude bleed into hatred for them? It is okay hate the action or behavior but you still need to love the person. I see an unfortunate trend more and more towards hating the person and not the sin. Just look at the political situation in America now. Anything the opposite party of yours does is completely wrong and should be voice out in the most outrageous way possible. Why, why is this our attitude, an attitude of hate? Does this do us any good, does this bring about change? No, this brings disharmony and friction. We as Christians need to avoid this at all cost, for we a reconciled to God and through this we are to reconcile the world to God as He is reconciling Himself to the world. If we are hating our neighbor how are they, we, to be reconciled to each other? God?


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