Self Righteousness Part Two: Attitude

Attitude is not much different from pride. However you can have an attitude without being prideful (I think). You can believe you are better than someone and still have a low self esteem about yourself. Also attitude more than pride effects your treatment of others. You can be proud you are better than someone but still care to see them improve, however I do not find this to be the case most times. How many of us get just as angry or are just as impatient as everyone else. This is an attitude problem not a pride problem though both can be linked at times. Fairness may come in here a little bit. I am being treated unfairly by such and such so I am going to yell at such and such, or complain loudly in line, etc. This is an attitude problem, and as far as I know most of us suffer from this disease. It is our responsibility to be Christ to the world including attitude. If we have a bad attitude or we change our attitude back and forth what is this saying about Christ to the world. We are not our own but God’s and our attitude is not helping us live as a witness for God. We need to be more empathetic than the world, just as Christ was, which means an attitude change for us.

Sorry for this being so late.

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