America and Christians Part Five: Schools

Disclaimer: This are only my opinions, presented to generate discussion on the issue. It is completely fine if you disagree. I respect the fact you may have another opinion and ask you respect mine. Comment on any part of this, whether you agree or disagree. Again this is presented to generate discussion.

[Note: I am not currently a parent, this is based strictly on observation.] There seems to me to be a growing trend for Christian parents to move their children into private Christian schools. I do not think this to be a good move especially if the reasoning is: There are just no Christians in that school. We as Christians should be having our children exposed to and experience what the modern culture of today is. I think parents are shedding off their responsibilities to teach their children their Christian belief systems to schools (and the church, only). It is the parents responsibility to teach their children their value system, school and churches are only helplines not the main source. I realize we live in a more busy world and time seems to be tighter than ever before. Isn’t this all the more reason to be spending time with our children? I realize schools are tough today and many negative influences are present (as I was there not too many years ago and still remember the goings on). This is all the more reason for Christian children to be in the schools. Where else are these lost children going to hear and see other children acting in a Godly way? Also once grown these are the same people your children are going to be working and interacting with, how are they are going to do so effectively if they are not accustomed to the culture. While school sponsored prayer is illegal (as it should be) private gatherings for prayer are still technically allowed. I think the best thing is to find what other children attend the same school as your child that also attend your church or a similar church and have them form a club/prayer group. This will do two things, as your children are witnesses in school (as they should be taught to be) they can invite others to the group and they will have a support system in place when times are tough which they will be. Remember Jesus went to the people not to the side of them. (Two further notes, I have the same opinion of private schools in general [exclusion from general society = lack of ability to interact with society in general] and when I do have children [assuming I do] this prayerfully will be my attitude.)


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