texting and the future of phones

I am worried about the future of phones. Texting has taken over the conventional use for a phone, talking to someone. I refuse to text on my phone and even went as far as to have the ability to text disengaged on my phone, I can neither send a text or receive one. If I am going to text someone I send an email. I am now unsure of the future of phones, iphones and the like are not phones, they are portable computers. The thing that is probably the saddest, is that we no longer talk to one another, we only communicate via written communication. I was never a fan of talking on the phone because I like to see the person I am talking to, but even that is a major improvement over a text message. If you have a phone and need to tell someone something call to let them know. If you can not talk to them at the moment because of your location: class, meeting, movie theater, etc, then you can wait to let them know, texting is not the solution. I am out right now on the use of iphones and such because I can see some value in them however are we becoming too dependent on technology? We claim the world is becoming a smaller place but paradoxically it is becoming lonelier due to the fact we never communicate in person, or even via speech. I may be alone in this now but I think by the end of my life (assuming I live a full life) there will be a trend to shed technology for conventional means of communication.


2 Responses to texting and the future of phones

  1. Shelby says:

    time for a new blog.

  2. Shelby says:

    and now you have a phone that you have trouble remembering how to call on!

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