Exploring meaning

Last night I attended a group’s session, that meets occasionally, on the exploration of meaning. It was a thought provoking meeting considering what is meaning and how is it conveyed. Some thoughts I had (mostly questions to ponder) where:

1. Meaning produces creation (language for example)
2. Does anything create meaning without inherited meaning?
3. Can anything be meaningless?
4. Does meaning create purpose?
Does purpose create meaning?
Does creation mean purpose?
Can those three (creation, meaning, and purpose) be separated?
5. Does meaning come from the conveyer or from the one it is conveyed to?
6. When does meaning matter?
7. Who does meaning matter to?
8. Does meaning even matter?
As you can see there are many questions, I am thinking of writing further blogs addressing some of these questions. Those blogs will probably be in a different heading than random thoughts for they will be very systematic (mostly likely).

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